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the lack of order or predictability that affects the ever changing world canvas

I'm fascinated by the direction this evolution can take. Its unpredictability, symmetry or or lack of, and thus reveal a story

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A new story

Daylight Beckons the Lovers

The myth...

A regal William de Breose crosses the river Ogmore to meet his lover on the other side.

The legend...

52 stepping stones cross the river Ogmore built to allow a man (William de Breose) from Merthyr Mawr  to visit his lover who lived in Ogmore Castle. Folklore says that if you cross the stones at night - her hand will reach out to pull you into the river.

Current storyboards


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Allan yn y gorllewin

Tales from the land of my fathers' -  a place of myth and legend

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Summer in the city

El Pueblo de Los Angeles


The rest...

There are a lot of stories to be told out there